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It's the only place in Kerala where rocks are encountered close to the Arabian Sea, setting the vista for various water spouts and wellness spa. Exploring the natural beauty and pleasant coastal town of Varkala will thaw your worries and stress away.

An Insight into Varkala Tourism Kerala

Located in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala in southern India, Varkala enjoys untouched and clean beaches in the God's Own Country. It's a stunning travel destination and an enchanting waterside town, which is very popular amongst tourists due to its bewitching places and monuments oozing out rich cultural and religious heritage.

The water overlapping at Papanasam beach, which is also one of the must see places, are believed to have sacred and sin-cleansing properties while the nearby Ayurveda Treatment Centre in Varkala draws a number of visitors to experience the Ayurvedic treatment.

The soaring cliffs lined up with the sky-blue sea make Varkala look very exceptional. It has plenty of popular tourist attractions including beautiful Varkala beach, a 2000 year old Janardana Swami Temple, and the Ashram-Sivagiri Mutt, which make this destination a popular pilgrim place. Another sighting place is the hill-top mausoleum of Sree Narayana Guru, the top attraction of Kerala.

In short, a famous pilgrimage, rejuvenating seaside, pleasant scenery of the rocky cliffs and savory seafood make this place an ideal holiday destinations for globetrotters.

As per the legend, it is believed that during the Sangham era, Varkala had been a famous port called as 'Balitha'. A national heritage monument 'Anjengo Fort' tells the story of trade settlement by the Dutch, the Portuguese and the English East India Company of the past era.

During the Independence Day of India, Varkala was a part of the Travancore state, but later in the year 1956 this place became a part of Kerala.

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Top Things to Do & Places to See in Varkala

Varkala, the beach town is a great tourism place to visit for rejuvenation. The scenic beach here offer an ideal ambience for relaxing and spending evening hours on the cliffs, looking up to the magnificent sunset. Varkala is the main religious centres of Kerala so one who is seeking sacred travel places in this city may head towards an ancient Vishnu Temple and Sivagiri Mutt. For shopping, the North Cliff of Varkala provides a good option, one can buy raw silk fabrics and other items like sarongs, trinkets, mixed western music CDs, spices, tea masala, and different types of coffee. Food is another reason to visit Varkala, as one can enjoy authentic Kerala food on a banana leaf at Kerala Mama' Kumari's home. The popular dishes served here are curry paste, Kerala dal, poppadum, banana curry, okra vegetable dish, and many more. Apart from these, a must try in Varkala is surfing. Yoga is yet another must thing to do in Varkala.

Best Hotels & Resorts for Holidaying in Varkala

Varkala has a number of luxury resorts, budget and homestays to suit the choice of every traveler visiting the town. There are few homestays in Varkala which are located nearby important tourism places as well as the beach, offering en-suite bathrooms, internet facility, Ayurvedic massages and easy access to the Varkala beach.

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