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Madammakkulam Waterfalls Idukki

Kerala undoubtedly is one of the best destinations to visit in India for travellers. With multiple waterfalls and water bodies that sprinkle in every nook and corner of Kerala, one of the most spectacular of them all is Madammakkulam waterfall. Located at Peermedu in Idukki district, Madammakkulam waterfall has captured the mindset of many travellers visiting Kerala. Madammakkulam waterfall, encircled by deep woods, is a perfect place for families and couples. This place was once a favourite place for the British in the colonial times, this landmark still holds the spectators with a sight to never forget. Madammakkulam waterfall has a natural pond under a gushing waterfall. The pond has been named Madam’s pond or Madammakkulam after a British lady who used to frequently visit this spot. Because of its calm picture-perfect landscapes and solitude, it makes Madammakkulam waterfalls one of the ideal gateways to escape from city roads and honks. The Madammakkulam Waterfalls is a true wonder for nature lovers and another favourite attraction in the Idukki district of Kerala. This abode is nestled amidst scenic forests, charming shrubberies and lot more. By visiting this Madammakkulam waterfall you can witness the wondrous beauty of Mother Nature while having a rendezvous with the cascading water of the Madammakkulam Waterfalls.

Getting There

You can get an easy access to this destination from Kottayam Railway Station with a distance of 75 kms, and Cochin International Airport with a distance of 121 kms.

Kottayam Railway Station is the closest railhead to reach Madammakkulam Waterfalls with a distance of almost 80 kilometres via national highway 183.

Cochin International Airport is the closest airport to reach Madammakkulam Waterfalls with a distance of about 130 kilometres.

You can either reach Madammakkulam Waterfalls directly from airport or railway station or via Idukki which is at a distance of 70 kilometres.

Things to Do & See in and around

Madammakkulam waterfall is a popular spot for tourists and this waterfall is surrounded by lush green forests which makes this place attractive and a worth visiting attraction. It is an ideal tourist destination, especially for the nature lovers resulting a good hang out place with family and friends. You can explore the lush green forests and take a dip in the pond under the gushing waterfall.

Best time/season to Visit

Waterfalls can be visited throughout the year because the waterfalls are never dry and constantly flowing all year long. But the best time to visit Madammakkulam waterfall is soon after the monsoon season ends and when the high tide is still wavering and gushing with force. However, the best months to visit is from September to December.

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