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Fairs & Festivals in Kerala

Festivals celebrated in Kerala feature parades of elephants gleaming in their golden canopies, fireworks, snake boat races and performances of traditional art such as Mohiniyattam dance and Kathakali ritual drama. The riot of colors against the backdrop of the pristine blue beaches and lakes is a contrasting picture of vibrancy and silence. In Kerela, every festival is celebrated with fanfare and joy. For the people of Kerala, each and every day is a celebration. India is the land of fairs and festivals, and the tiny state Kerala is no exception to it. The unique culture of God's own city, Kerala, is simply mesmerizing and spellbinding. Every mosque, church and temple has its own annual celebration.

Like anywhere else in India, myths and legends are associated with the origin and development of festivals and fairs in Kerala. These festivals keep reminding the people of the rich cultural heritage the state possess. Festivals are occasions for recalling the lives of kings, saints, and mystics. Fairs and Festivals celebrated here provide a wonderful opportunity for visitors to get acquainted with the culture and traditions of the state.

Hundreds and thousands of people from around the world turn out for events like Vishu, Thrikarthika, Aranmula Vallamkali, Maramom Convention, Thrissur Pooram and Indira Gandhi Boat Race. All these festivals and fairs are celebrated with great vigor and enthusiasm. Festivals are like gems ornamented in the crown of Kerala's tradition and culture. Fairs and festivals act as a thread of harmony between the different religions in Kerala. Here festivals are celebrated to mark the passage of the year, crop harvesting and seasons. The best thing about the festivals is that there are several elements in a festival which pleases one and all. In Kerala the majority of the festivals fall between the months of January and March end.

Onam is the main festival of Kerala, which unite people of all creeds and religions. On this day, homes are thoroughly cleaned while people take the opportunity to buy new clothes. During this festival, people come together with the feeling of amity and exchange clothes with each other. Onam is a harvest festival; it is also a celebration of the greatness of King Mahabali and his return to his earthly abode.

On the day of this festival the cities wears a deserted look till afternoon, as people generally stay home and enjoy the sumptuous Onasady, cuisine served specially on Onam.

As soon as the months of monsoon arrives, boat racing competition is all set to begin . The season commences with much fanfare and gaiety with the Champakulam Boat Race Festival. It's one of the largest and most eagerly awaited sporting events in the region. The other prominent event is the Snake boat race, which adds zing to the life of people in Kerala. The ferocious boat race attracts visitors from across India who cheers the spirits of their favorite boatman to row faster.

Thrissur Pooram is one of the most spectacular festivals celebrated in Kerala. This festival is nothing less than a mammoth extravaganza where amazing fireworks, traditional dance forms, enthralling musical programs and procession of decorated elephants are on display.

Here the tourist will get an opportunity to encounter the most magnificent elephants. Elephants play an important role in the cultural life of Kerala. A procession of finely adorned elephants is organized during The Gajamela or the elephant fair at Bhadrakali Temple. This 10-day long festival is a wonderful opportunity for people to get acquainted with the culture and traditions of the state.

Whether the fest is religious or traditional or modern, any fest organized here is incomplete without an art event which would range from the 2000-year-old Kutiyattam to contemporary stage shows.

Many festivals are celebrated in the different temples of Kerala. Fairs and Festivals of Kerala give an opportunity for tourist to behold the traditional performing art and delicious cuisines of the land. Don't wait further, plan a trip to Kerala and be a part of this cultural potpourri. Its myriad festival can astonish anyone with its uniqueness. Kerala is a saga of celebration-Watch this incredible state at its incredible best on its festival days.

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