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Also known as Quilon or Desinganadu, Kollam is an old sea port town situated between Arabian Coast and the Ashtamudi Lake in Kerala. This place has been a flourishing trading port for centuries and it is the centre of cashew processing and the hub of fisheries industry. The surrounding region of the place produces pepper, coir, cashews and other agricultural products. Kollam is one of the oldest ports on the Malabar Coast, which draws the attraction of international countries.

An Insight into Kollam Tourism

Kollam is considered as a leading spice market in the world. The name 'Kollam' is derived from the Sanskrit word Kollam which means pepper. It is believed that the present town area was built by Sapir Iso, a Syrian merchant during 9th century.

It is believed that the first foreign community to settle in Kollam was Chinese and in the past era this place was famous for its palaces and known as the City of Palaces. The district has some interesting historic remnants and temples, having traditional ornate style of architecture.

Kollam is a sighting place for the one who is seeking lagoons, backwaters and beaches. There are various buildings and structures to explore, but the major travel places are temples and mosques. While visiting the temple, women should be in sari while men in dhoti (mundi).

Globetrotters can relish a luxurious boat ride over the backwaters as it offers tapioca and spicy fish curry. No doubt, the place offers a refreshing and pleasant holiday experience to the travelers.

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There are various buildings and structures to explore, but the major travel places are temples and mosques. While visiting the temple, women should be in sari while men in dhoti (mundi).

Points of Tourist Interest in Kollam

The most striking way to witness the beauty of this heaven is to take a cruise through its enthralling backwaters. One may take a leisurely walk down the network of streams as captivating as the avians soaring in the blue sky. Kollam is the gateway to one of the must see places of Kerala and is blessed with sea, lakes, rivers, plains, forest, streams, vast green fields, and tropical crops. Moving along the shores aligned with sunny beaches and palm trees; is one of the most pleasant experiences. A must try is the boat trip between Kollam and Alappuzha, which the the top attraction in Kerala. Shopping in Kollam for cashew is also ideal. Other things to buy here are textiles, south Indian sarees, antiques and gold/silver jewellery. Kollam as a tourism place comes to life during the festivals, amongst the must see celebrations here are Kollam Pooram, Parippalli Gajamela and Anayadi Elephant Pageantry. Travelling during one of these festivals is ideal to witness the rich culture and tradition of Kerala. Top must see tourist attractions in Kollam are given below.

Best Hotels for Holidaying in Kollam Kerala

Staying in Kollam is very beautiful and pleasant experience for those looking for a peaceful holiday. There are plenty of luxury and budget accommodation options that promise comfortable stays with excellent services and facilities. Apart from these, the city is replete with mid-range and budget accommodation options as well. There are a number of guest houses, hostels, lodges and bed & breakfast inns that offer excellent services in affordable prices.

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