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Dhoni Waterfalls Palakkad

Dhoni village is located about 15 Kilometres from Palakkad town in Kerala and this place is famous for Dhoni Waterfall and the Western Ghat forests. This waterfall is a gem for tourists looking to spend a calm and leisurely day. This less known paradise is definitely a must visit place in Kerala. Despite the waterfall being rather small, the refreshingly beautiful surroundings create a hall of treasure for nature lovers and especially for those who enjoy trekking. It takes a three hours trek from the base of the Dhoni hills to reach this reserve forest area and to get an access to the waterfalls; Dhoni hills in Palakkad is also a popular picnic spot. Hence, you can spend a day near the waterfalls with an ongoing picnic celebration with family. You can also enjoy a trek up to the Dohni hills from where you can see lovely view of the waterfalls and its fresh breeze and clam environs can be felt as you gaze at the beauty of the Dhoni waterfalls. By climbing up the rocks, one can acknowledge the worth of visiting this beautiful destination and feel blessed seeing the wildernesses of Mother Nature.

Getting There

You can get an easy access to Dhoni waterfall from Palakkad Railway Station with a distance of 7.2 km and Coimbatore International Airport with a distance of 80 km whereas; Calicut International Airport is about 100 km from Dhoni waterfalls.

Palakkad Railway Station is about 7.2 kms via Olavakkode Dhoni Road.

Coimbatore International Airport is about 80 kms and Calicut International Airport is about 100 kms from Dhoni waterfalls.

You can easily reach Dhoni waterfalls via Olavakkode Dhoni Road from the closest railway station and airport via national highway 544 and 966 respectively.

Things to Do & See in and around

If you are a nature lover and often looking for an excuse to wander amidst the jade green forests of Kerala, you can include yourself in trekking. Dhoni hills are best suited for adventure and nature lovers and you can also visit the Malampuzha Dam and take up a boating activity. Besides, you can also go for a family picnic near the Dhoni waterfalls.

Best time/season to Visit

The best time to visit Dhoni Waterfalls is shortly after monsoon season when the high tide is still wavering and gushing with force. However, the best months to visit is from September to December. In fact, they can be visited throughout the year, because the waterfalls are never dry and are constantly flowing all year long.

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