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Do you remember those gushing waterfalls against which bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai showed her moves in movies like Guru and Raavan? Well, those were the rolling streams of Athirapally waterfall, an iconic must-see attraction of Kerala, a part of Thrissur district. The forest around the waterfall is home to unique wildlife, and bird species including hornbill. Along with Athirapally waterfall, make a point to visit other must see sightseeing places like Vazhachal Falls, and Chalakkudi River, which is home to 85 species of freshwater fishes.

An Insight into Athirapally Tourism Kerala

People who have visited Athirapally once in their lifetime would want to visit this heavenly place again and again. With a scenery scattered with beautiful waterfalls and forests, this beautiful destination of Kerala is nothing less than a paradise, masked by verdant green forests and scenic beauty that becomes all the more popular during the monsoon season. This top destination of Kerala attracts a large number of tourists every year to visit two most stunning waterfalls of the region- the Athirapally Falls and Vazhachal Falls, which is only 5 km from Athirapally.

The cool spray of the waterfall, gushing rivers, and lazy streams of Athirapally make everything in the surrounding area looks beautiful. This area is set snugly in Thrissur district and is home to many natural wonders,

including the rivers and streams, surrounded by verdant trees and plantation. It gives tourists a perfect atmosphere to feel relaxed and happy and make them observe the rich biodiversity of the place.

The ecosystem of Athirapally is equally unique and is considered to be one of its kind in the state of Kerala. It is connected to the Western Ghats, which are known for its intense green cover and vivid wildlife, so, the forests of Athirapally are extremely dense and present different varieties of flora and fauna. One can find many endangered and rare species of animals and birds here, present in different varieties. Due to the availability of rare Hornbill, that are present in four varieties, the Asian Nature Conservation Foundation recommended the area to be declared as a national park or a sanctuary.

Top Things to Do & Places to See in Athirapally Kerala

With the presence of jaw-dropping waterfalls, an abundance of flora fauna, and pristine rivers, Athirapally is simply the place to relax, rejuvenate and revive. One of the best places to be for nature lovers, and wildlife photographers, it features Kerala's largest waterfall 'Athirapally Waterfall,' located in the center of River Nila and Cochin. This place is declared an "Important Bird Area," thus here one can plan a bird watching tour as well.

Best Hotels for Holidaying in Athirapally

Since Athirapally is home to one of the Kerala's largest waterfall, it often remains crowded with tourists. And to offer them best of the facilities, there are many hotels in Athirapally that offers the best views of the beautiful place from their rooms. To top it all, most of these accommodation options are furnished with state-of-the-art facilities.

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