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Chethalayam Falls Wayanad

In the luscious jungles of Wayanad, a prominent hill station, drops the smallest yet the most enigmatic waterfall, and offbeat sightseeing attraction of Kerala - Chethalayam Falls. It is one of the smallest waterfalls in Kerala, but quite a popular tourist attraction, especially amongst trekkers. What makes this waterfall so interesting is the lush greenery that is sprawling around the streams. Enjoy the flora and fauna of the region and lookout for the birds that nest on the trees clinging towards the waterfall. The water stream dries during the months of summer and acts as a perfect field for the trekkers, hikers and mountain climbers. However the waterfall spring back to life during the monsoon season. It is an exciting place to relax and soak senses in picturesque surroundings.

Getting There

Chethalayam Waterfalls near Kidangand is 37 kilometers from Kalpetta & 12 kilometers from Sulthan Bathery. Just to see the glimpses of this famous attraction of Kerala, tourists will have to trek for approximately four kilometers. It might be tedious but those grassy landscapes sprinkled with flowers, and butterflies are like a soothing balm on the aching feet. The cascade, concealed inside bushes, appears only at a close range of just a few meters.

Best time to Visit

Monsoon; one should avoid visiting here during the summer season as it tends to dry.

Chethalayam Falls Wayanad, Kerala

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