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Interesting Facts

  • Thattekad is a home to one of the most popular bird sanctuary in India ‘Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary’
  • Thattekad is one of the best spots for birding in India
  • The sanctuary is named after the great Ornithologist, Dr. Salim Ali, who found that this area attracts the highest number of birds in India
  • There are more than 500 species of birds in the sanctuary, along with a few wild animals like elephants, leopards, sloths, and other mammals
  • This area has a large quantity of teak and mahogany cultivated
  • The forest has Sloth bears, Porcupines, leopards, elephants, and many such mammals living
  • Around 250 bird species have been recorded in the small area
Thattekad Travel Guide, Kerala

Thattekad Bird Sanctuary

Blessed with so many natural wonders, Thattekad is a picturesque destination, masked in the glory of abundant flora and fauna. This wonderful place is positioned on the Njiyapilli Hill and is mainly famous for the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, named after the great Ornithologist, Dr. Salim Ali. This sanctuary was established in the year 1983 by the Kerala Government, on recommendation of Dr. Salim Ali in the early 1930s. This is the most popular bird sanctuary of India and houses about 280 rare species of water and land birds.

The scenic beauty of Thattekad Bird Sanctuary cannot be described in words, it can only be felt and enjoyed! Visit India's most beautiful,

Thattekad Bird Sanctuary and catch a glimpse of some of the most amazing birds and their landscapes that are hard to overlook. Sprawling over 25 km sq and at the distance of around 60 km towards the north-east of Kochi, Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary is located in the Kothamangalam Taluk of Ernakulam district on the northern bank of the Periyar River. In the year 1930, Dr. Salim Ali discovered Thattekad as the richest bird habitat of peninsular India and it was named as a Bird Sanctuary in the year 1983. Since the forest is covered with a huge variety of tropical deciduous and evergreen tree, it offers a safe paradise for birds. Hence, it's an interesting place to visit for birdies and wildlife enthusiasts.

Thattekad Bird Sanctuary

Flora & Fauna

The sanctuary is home to Ashy Wood Swallow, Black Headed Oriole, Ash Tail, Ashly Drongo, Bronzed Drongo, Blue Kingfisher, Bronze Winged Jacana, Ceylon Frogmouth, Created Woodpecker, Crested Goshawk, Changeable Hawk Eagle, Chestnut Headed Bee Eater, Coucal, Dollar Bird, Emerald Dove, Eurasian,Golden Oriole, Greater Raquet Tailed Drongo, Lora, Orange Minivet, White Breasted Woodpecker, Jungle Myna, common Myna, Indian Pitta, Jerdons Nightjar, Indian Cuckoo, Yellow-browed Bulbuls, Darters, Sunbird, Shrike, and many more.

Thattekad Bird Sanctuary, Kerala

Must See Places & Things to Do in and around

Most exciting part about birdwatching holiday in Thattekad Bird Sanctuary is that here one get an opportunity to do kayaking. Apart from enjoying the birdwatching safari, one should visit some attractions near Thattekad Bird Sanctuary like Nadukani, Bhoothathankettu, Malayattoor, Kodanad, Kalady, Wellington Island, Bolgatty, Mattancherry, etc.

Thattekad Bird Sanctuary Kerala

Hotels in and around Thattekad Sanctuary

For a perfect bird watching vacation, there's nothing better than the iconic Thattekkadu Bird Sanctuary of Ernakulam. There are a lot of accommodation options available within the sanctuary, that offers the most relaxing stay to the visitors. One can find a Forest Department inspection bungalow 'Hornbill', and a dormitory inside the forest area to give the tourist a better access to the jungle. For people who want to stay a little away from the sanctuary can book a homestay or lodge in Kothamangalam. The three-story watch tower inside the sanctuary also offers stay facilities to the people with two beds, a toilet, and a kitchen. To adventure freaks who want to spend a night in tents nearby the jungle area can take camp facilities outside the sanctuary on the Southern side of the river.

Thattekad Bird Sanctuary

Thattekad Bird Sanctuary Tour Packages

Blessed with serenity, Thattekad is mainly known for its bird sanctuary, that can be best experienced by taking the travel packages from Tour My India. The wide range of birdwatching itineraries available at Tour My India will not only include accommodation, and transportation but will also include safari cost, and other activities. See below for itineraries that best suits your budget and style. We also offer customized tour packages.

Best Time to Visit Thattekad Sanctuary

When planning a holiday to Thattekad Bird Sanctuary, make a point to travel between October and February. It is the best time to visit as the weather is mild and cool, just the perfect for the safari.

  • Summer (March to June)- 22.5°C to 33.5°CDuring the summer, the maximum temperature of the city is 33 degree Celsius while the minimum temperature recorded is 22.5 degrees Celsius. One should avoid a visit during the summer season as its get just too hot, and humid. But if one wants to escape rush, this is just the right time to plan a holiday.
  • Monsoon (July to September) Not at al a good time to visit as the region receives heavy rainfall, which at times leads to park closure.
  • Winter (October to February) - 20°C to 29°C October marks the commencement of the winter season, and it is the best time to visit Thattekad Bird Sanctuary. During winters, one can easily spot migratory birds.

How to reach Thattekad Bird Sanctuary

If planning to go for a wildlife tour to Thattekad Bird Sanctuary, one can reach here by every mode of transport-roadways, railways or airways. The nearest airport is in Kochi, which is well connected with all the major national, and international hubs. For more information about how to reach this wildlife destination, check out the details mentioned below:

  • By Airways: The nearest airport is Kochi International Airport, which is around 60 km away from here. From the airport, taxis and buses would be readily available to reach the sanctuary.
  • By Roadways: One can take a bus from Kothamangalam to Thattekad, which is well connected by buses to Ernakulam.
  • By Railways: The nearest railway station is at Aluva, which is only a few kilometers away from the Thattekad Sanctuary. One can easily get a bus or taxi from this railway station and reach their desired destination.

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