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Kochi Travel Guide

Kochi is by far an exquisite halting destination to unwind amidst its posh environment. Touring in Kochi will leave you awestruck from the backwaters to beaches to hill stations; this south state radiant’s with jade green glow and staggering palm trees. This scenic destination of Kochi is best described as bountiful and beautiful because of its rich flora and fauna and you can also visit other beautiful places of the state as well.

An Insight into Kochi Tourism

Kochi has an overabundance of scenic beauty and dramatic landscapes and it is extremely charismatic. Welcomed by breathtaking backwaters, Kochi is a prime tourist destination in Kerala and hence it is better known as Kerala's most metropolitan city. Kochi is an enchanting city that has an electrifying influence of the Arabs, British, Chinese and Portuguese intriguing mix culture and architecture.

It is evident that who so ever will visit Kochi you will encounter popular tourism attraction of the beckoning past of heritage and culture. Kochi is surrounded by palm groves, green field, inland lakes, and backwaters that have enchanted visitors from across the globe for centuries.

Take a glimpse of the privately owned museums, architecture, European-built churches, and small historical towns in Kochi. If you are in Kochi take a step into Kerala Folklore Theatre and catch the glimpses of treasure troves that Kochi exudes through its numerous art and dance forms.

Visiting Kochi without seeing beautiful Kathakali is a sin; this beautiful dance form in which dancers are decked up in colourful costumes tells an enchanting story of the land with nothing but their expressions and postures. Nevertheless, you can spend a lazy day on the beaches of Kochi or you can even indulge in some adventure activities out there. If you are looking for an ideal destination in India to relax where one can unwind and tranquilize then the beaches of Kochi is the place to be and perhaps the main reason to visit Kochi as well. In fact, you can also add to explore the wealth of traditional Kerala culture on your points of tourist interests.

Gulp great food, be a part of authentic shopping and sail on the backwater. The true experience is going to Kochi, amazing delight, soothing massages, picnic on the beach and treasure troves of the temple, one can encounter all this only in Kochi. A great travel destination Kochi is indeed, but you can indulge in other top tourist attractions in Kochi like Mattancherry Palace, Paradesi Synagogue, St. Francis Church, Ernakulam Shiva Temple, Indo-Portuguese Museum, Sree Poornathrayeesa Temple to name a few.

Top Things to Do & Places to See in Kochi

Kochi is a divine sanction and this place has best sightings to keep you occupied. From pristine Fort Kochi Beach, Marine Drive, Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica to Mattancherry Palace. The best places to travel and popular things to do in Kochi will certainly make your trip one of the best travel destinations in India.

Best Hotels for Holidaying in Kochi

This outstanding and delightful destination occupies some of the best hotels in Kochi. The hotels are meticulously laid with all the first-rate amenities and designed with grace and warmth. The hotels are well-equipped with top-notch amenities for the comfort of visitors, varying from luxurious to budget hotels; Kochi has a perfect accommodation option for every tourist.

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