Itanagar Travel Guide

Situated in the lap of majestic Himalayas and soaked in stupendous natural grandeur and a blissful weather all through the year, Itanagar is an enchanting tourist destination in North East India that has always lured avid travellers and holiday makers from across the nation. This capital city of Arunachal Pradesh has been blessed with aplenty of natural splendours that make it a hotspot for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. The rich culture of this exotic hill station reflects in its every nook and corner and provides for a fascinating time to every anthropologist and sociologist visiting here.

An Insight into Itanagar Tourism

Also famed as the 'Land of Dawn-lit Mountains', Itanagar sits as the bustling capital of the North East Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. The serene little hill town’s scenic charm and beguiling aura remains completely unblemished by the glitz and glamour of the city life, truly providing a quiet and peaceful time to all the distressed souls looking forward to a rustic holiday experience somewhere in the lap of Mother Nature; when here, wake up to sweet melodious chirps of tiny colourful birds, venture on for quiet strolls amidst the thick woods revelling in mystical panoramas of nature or just sit back and relax in the hotel balconies sipping on a hot cup of herbal tea while simultaneously marvelling on the magnificent vistas of the mist-veiled mountains casting a magical spell on every onlooker with their alluring charm. Truly a glittering gem in the crown of Arunachal, Itanagar is sure to take every traveller in its fairy-tale awe just, in no time.

While the quaint hill town is a nature enthusiast’s dream destination, it’s also a heaven for adventure seekers. The green paradise with its enticing trekking trails beckons avid trekkers and hikers from across India and parts of the world; the ‘Itanagar-Pashighat’ is one of the most popular trails in the region and provides for an enthralling experience to all the trekking buffs.

In case one is up for some cultural exploration in North East India, be informed that Itanagar is one of the best tourism places to experience an unparalleled cultural extravaganza. Festivals of this state capital are its heart and soul and speak high about its rich cultural heritage. When planning for a cultural tour of Itanagar, do take note of the dates of city’s major festivals that primarily include ‘Losar’, ‘Mopin’, ‘Reh’ and ‘Nyokum’. While each festival belongs to a different ethnic tribe of the region, the zeal and enthusiasm of the celebrations packed with colourful folk dances, acrobatic performances and unusual religious rituals remains common amongst all and provides for a spectacle to behold. A cultural know-how of Itanagar remains incomplete without gorging on its local food which strongly holds on to its Tibetan/Chinese legacy; momos and thupka here are a staple on the region’s platter and make as comforting food in the chilly weather.

Besides these two common delicacies, for passionate food aficionados, indulging in unusual local and tribal flavours make for a must have experience in Itanagar; do try out the dishes made with meat, bamboo shoots and Yak cheese.

Getting to Itanagar is not a difficult task; only thing to note is that entry here is possible only through bordering state of Assam whether one is travelling by air, rail or road. The nearest airport is located at Lilabari in Assam, which lies approximately 67 km away. This airport is well connected by domestic flights from Guwahati. In case one is planning a trip via rail journey, must disembark at Harmuti station in Assam and then carry on with the road trip by either boarding a government run bus or hiring a private or a shared taxi. There is also a helicopter facility available between Itanagar and Guwahati, run by renowned helicopter company, Pawan Hans Ltd. and operates thrice a week.

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For planning a trip to Itanagar, the best time to visit here is between October and March when the cool breeze flowing from the Himalayas bring along rejuvenating vibes leaving every fatigued city dweller with a soul-invigorating experience unmatched. To have more detailed information on Itanagar travel, top tourist attractions to see and adventure activities to indulge into, refer to the under listed sections of this travel guide.

Best Hotels & Resorts for Holidaying in Itanagar

Itanagar offers a wide range of accommodation choices. Budget and mid-range hotels are ample in the city and provide for comfortable stay to all the guests. ‘Hotel Donyi Polo Ashok’ is the most popular among tourists and is well equipped with a restaurant serving Indian, Chinese and Western food. Other than hotels, tourist lodges, circuit houses and guesthouses are also a plenty and offer clean rooms with additional basic facilities like hot water, TV, fridge etc. In case one is looking to experience the local hospitality, must opt for a homestay which again scatter through the region and surely prove to be a home away from home.

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