Basar Travel Guide

Located in the West Siang District of Arunachal Pradesh, Basar is one of the much less explored destinations of the enchanting North East Indian state. The pristine scenery of this beautiful place dotted with verdant forests, lush paddy fields, gorgeous orange and pineapple orchards and breath-taking waterfalls, truly provide for a great time to all the nature lovers and photographers. Basar serves as a great host for adventure seekers too; the town is peppered with a plenty of hiking trails, mysterious caves and fascinating jungles & rivulets which leave even most passionate of adventurers with some enthralling yet captivating moments. In case one is looking forward to an unmatched offbeat cultural rendezvous during their holiday trip, would surely fall in love with this tiny hill hamlet that serves home to the native Galo Tribe of North East India.

An Insight into Basar Tourism

Basar is a small hill hamlet that cuddles in the West Siang District of Arunachal Pradesh and makes for a perfect retreat for all those holiday makers looking for a rather unexplored tourist destination where they can get away from the chores of crowded city lives. The picturesque beauty of this little town is something which is simply beyond words; pastoral paddy fields, verdant forests and gorgeous gardens of oranges, pineapples and kiwis, lend it an alluring natural charm which is usually seen only in picture postcards and nature paintings.

While this scenic little town is truly a nature lover’s paradise, it’s also an empyrean for adventure seekers offering them endless opportunities to satiate their adrenaline desires venturing on activities like trekking, hiking and riverside camping. The verdant forests of ‘Nguda Pokcho’ are a popular tourism place and make for an exhilarating trekking destination in Basar, leaving all avid trekkers and hikers enthralled for their lifetime. The prime highlight of these forests is their splendidly beautiful ‘Hido-Hidi Waterfall’ which gushes down thunderously from an elevation of 70 metres, casting a magical spell on every onlooker. In case one is trekking here via the Hipo Village that lies 20 km. off Basar, he would also be treated with an unforgettable adventure of riverside camping; confluence of pristine Hingen and Hipo Rivers fall enroute and make for an enticing campsite letting campers set up their tents and soak in the serenity of the place.

For passionate adventurers looking forward to an intense dose of adventure during their holidays in Basar, the town serves as great host hiding in its store a plenty of enigmatic caves and tunnels, exploration of which is sure to leave even most experienced of the caving enthusiasts gasping in awe of their nerve-wrecking mysteries. While ‘Tapen Penru’ at Padi Village are famous bat caverns amongst tourists, there are yet many more caves and tunnels across Dari-Zirdo and Padi-Dali circuits nearby the town, which still remain unexplored and away from the eyes of conventional travellers. For avid cavers and explorers, there can be no better thing to do in Basar than to explore these hidden caves and add a new feather in their caps already loaded with plenty of eclectic experiences of caving expeditions.

Basar also has in its store, a plenty for cultural freaks and anthropologists too. The tiny little town serves as home to the native Galo Tribe of Arunachal who are well known for their brilliant artistic skills and rich folklore. With an aim to bring this artistic community to the world’s notice, ‘Gumin Rego Kilaju’, the town’s local non-profit organization came up with an idea of organizing an art residency programme in the town, inviting selective artists from across the fields of music, writing, photography and painting, to come here and experience rich traditions and culture of the locals, while also contributing back to the community in their own contemporary way.

The first event with the name of ‘The Basar Confluence’, held in February 2017 was a big hit and witnessed great enthusiasm from both, the resident artists and the natives of the town. The idea of amalgamating the event with Galos’ harvest festival ‘Mopin’ simply added to all the fun and excitement and definitely, gave a boost in tourism too. Going forward, this event is surely going to become one of the major draws for tourists travelling to Arunachal, so, for those who are planning for holidays in this region of North East India in upcoming years, especially with an aim to get a cultural insight, do take note of the dates of this festival and plan the trip accordingly.

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Where to Stay in Basar?

Basar does not have any hotels, however, the close by Aalo and Pasighat towns. These two places, especially Pasighat has some good accommodation options that are affordable and provide good facilities and amenities as well. A resort close to the River Brahmaputra is quite an ideal place to stay in Pasighat.

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