Art and Craft of Arunachal Pradesh

The art and craft of Arunachal Pradesh reflects varied culture and traditions co-existing in the state. One can find a plethora of bamboo and cane handicrafts along with wood carving and carpet weaving by different inhabiting tribes. The regions of Tirap, Upper & West Siang, Lohit and Tawang have population that indulge in artistic wood carvings. Whereas, districts of East Kameng, Papumpare, Changlang, Upper and Lower Subansiri, East and West Siang, Lohit and Dibang Valley produce high quality cane products.

Handloom also forms an integral part of the rich art and craft and for most of women in the state, it is the primary occupation. Women of 20 tribes and 100 sub-tribes in Arunachal work to manufacture products like skirt (Gale), shirt (Galuk) , cotton shawl, side bag, curtain cloth in different patterns, quality, traditional value, motive and design. Paintings is yet another important art that Arunachal Pradesh is proud of. A special type of painting called Tangkha is prevalent in Buddhist dominated areas of the state like Tawang, West Kameng, and Upper Siang Districts.

The motif of these paintings is mainly a religious subject or that of a traditional value. Carpet weaving in Arunachal is mostly seen in the regions same as that of the painting making. The carpets of the state has been acclaimed to be of National & International repute, which definitely adds a feather in the cap of Arunachal. Apart from carpets, wall hanging , cushion pad, telephone pad, floor covering etc. are also handmade in the state.

One of the unique items coming from Arunachal is the Wangcho Bag, which is handmade by the women folk of Wangcho tribe of Tirap District. Cotton and acrylic yarn is used for weaving the colourful geometrical pattern on the bag. Today, apart from the the trademark bags, the weavers are designing and different utilities like ladies and gents waist coat and dresses as well. The Wangcho women also make grass necklaces with the help of seasonal reed that is found on river banks. Along with this, necklace wristband, waist band , head gear and earring are also made in the Tirap district.

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