Daporijo Travel Guide

Nestled on the shores of the beautiful Subansiri River, Daporijo, blessed with an aesthetic natural splendour of bamboo rainforests, lush paddy fields and enchanting waterfalls makes for a great hideout for nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts and soul seekers alike. The little place falls enroute to Along from Ziro Valley and serves as home to the people of Tagin Tribe who are famed for their unique cultures, traditions and religious practices. In case one is looking forward to an exceptional offbeat cultural rendezvous during their holiday trip, would surely fall in love with this tiny hill hamlet that is often referred to as the hidden little jewel of North East India.

An Insight into Daporijo Tourism

Daporijo is a small hill village that sits in the upper region of the Subansiri district in Arunachal Pradesh and makes for a perfect retreat for all those holiday seekers looking for an unconventional tourist destination where they can break away from the shackles of suffocating city lives. The picturesque beauty of Daporijo is something which cannot be summed up in just a few words; tall bamboo forests, pastoral paddy fields and pristine River Subansiri flowing just nearby lends it an alluring natural scenery which seems to have made its way directly out from a picture postcard.

While this scenic little town is truly a nature lover’s delight, it’s also a paradise for adventure seekers offering them ample opportunities to satiate their adrenaline desires venturing on activities like trekking, hiking and river rafting. Since the village has rich treasures of numerous ancient caves, it also makes as an idyllic place for avid cavers to embark on enthralling caving expeditions.

The inhabitation of the native Tagin Tribe in Daporijo makes this village an empyrean for anthropologists too; one can easily spend a day with these friendly and warm people and get a sneak-peek into their daily lifestyle. In case one is up for some unconventional cultural exploration in Daporijo, must plan a visit here during the ‘Si Donyi Festival’ which is the most significant festival of this native tribe and is celebrated in the month of January. Packed with rituals involving worship of Sun and Earth as prime deities, animal sacrifices and celestial chantings, it surely provides for a visual extravaganza and leaves everyone gasping in awe of strange tribal cultures of India.

The local food of Daporijo is a gastronomes’ delight and is sure to leave them with an unforgettable culinary experience; rice cooked over charcoal in hollow bamboo tubes has an interesting flavour and makes for a must try delicacy.

Bamboo shoot is widely eaten all over the state and makes as the main ingredient for all the side dishes, be it fresh greens, meats, pickles or chutneys. Fish is found in abundance in Daporijo so, trying out Ngatok, an authentic fish curry absolutely makes for a must try when in the town. A meal in Daporijo is not complete without sipping on some Apong which is a light homemade beer made of variety of rice and an important asset of every household in Arunachal.

Daporijo is beautiful with virgin scenery all around to captivate anyone and everyone. The winter months, especially October and November, are considered to be most ideal to visit here as the weather during this time is salubrious and perfect to undertake nature explorations, sightseeing and adventurous expeditions. The most ideal way to reach Daporijo is through air; the nearest airport lies in Tezpur city of Assam and is well connected through domestic Indian Airlines flights from across India. Many government run buses and private taxis regularly ply from the airport to Daporijo and take almost 6-7 hours getting tourists to their destination.

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The town hides in its store, a lot for its tourists and visitors; for a detailed information, simply browse through the subsequent sections of this travel guide and get to know about its major tourist attractions, best activities to do and top places to visit.

Best Hotels & Resorts for Holidaying in Daporijo

Since the little valley of Ziro falls mostly on the map of an unconventional traveller, there are only limited accommodation options for tourists and that primarily comprise of budget hotels and guesthouses. The ‘Ziro Valley Resort’ and ‘Hotel Blue Pine’ are two of the most preferred choices and offer a tranquil stay complete with facilities like a multi-cuisine restaurant, hot-water equipped bathrooms and a mini bar.

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