Ganga Lake Itanagar

This is a beautiful lake located in the capital of Arunachal Pradesh. Ganga Lake is a major tourist attraction and it is one of the most visited and popular attraction in Itanagar. Tourists from across the world visit this destination for recreational activities and it hosts a perfect place for picnics. However, since Ganga Lake has no connection to moving rivers or streams, you will notice its colour to be green. This lake is also known as Gyakar Sinyi and it houses wonderful works of nature.

Surrounded by lush greenery and lofty mountains around, this lake is a must visit place to spend a quiet afternoon amidst the hush murmur of the breeze and warm sunlight. Ganga Lake is located 6 kilometres from Itanagar and the calm water body surrounded by primeval vegetation, various flora and huge trees will certainly spellbind you. Ganga Lake also offers tourists with boating facilities, so the next time you plan a trip to Itanagar, visit Ganga lake that offers stunning views and be a click away to capture the moments in your camera for your memory.


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