Hotels in Dirang

Dirang is dotted with a number of hotels and guesthouse most of which lie in the main market area. Though these accommodations are not very high-class, they do provide for comfortable stays to the guests, replete with all the basic facilities. In case one is seeking a peaceful retreat right in the lap of nature, must opt for a stay in either ‘Hotel Pemaling’ or ‘Hotel Awoo Resort’.

Situated amidst the soaring hillocks and filled with sights and sounds of chirping birds, these resorts are truly perfect for aesthetics and provide for commanding views of the valley below. There are aplenty of choices for homestays too in Dirang, perfect for the ones who intend to experience the local culture and hospitality.Do let us know your choice for an accommodation type while finalizing your travel package with us and we will do our best to make the arrangements as per your preferred needs.

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