Nampong Travel Guide

Nestled in the lap of ‘Patkai Bum’ Hill Ranges of Eastern Himalayas, Nampong is one of the most unexplored destinations of Arunachal Pradesh. The town lies hidden in the Changlang district and makes for the last stopover enroute to the neighbouring country of Burma. While the quaint little hill town provides for an idyllic retreat to people looking for deep peace and solace, it also offers a splendid experience to cultural aficionadas and avid anthropologists, specially travelling here in quest to have an insightful rendezvous with the natives of ‘Tangsa Tribe’ inhabiting the region. The place is a paradise for trekking enthusiasts too; the trails winding through difficult terrains of the mountains here, are some of the most captivating in the region, yet dangerous enough to provide for an exhilarating time to all the passionate adventure buffs, who are always looking forward to brave nature’s challenges and test their mettle.

An Insight into Nampong Tourism

Perched at an elevation of 300 metres above sea level in the ‘Patkai Bum’ ranges of eastern extension of Himalayas, Nampong is one destination in North East India whose scenic beauty is simply beyond words; undulating mountains, thick jungles, beautiful rivers and a soul-captivating scenery peppered with serene treasures of rare Himalayan wildlife, rightly lend this place an unparalleled enigmatic charm that bounds to leave all its visitors hypnotized for their entire lives.

For those with some inclination towards history would be amazed to know that Nampong, besides soaked in scenic panoramas and offering an unprecedented tranquillity, also has its share of an intriguing past; the town played a crucial role during World War II owing to its close proximity to the Indo-Burmese border and served as the main centre of arms & ammunition supplies to the Allied forces help them battle the Axis powers. The iconic ‘Ledo Road’, also famed as ‘Stilwell Road’ which starts midway between Assam and Arunachal and passes through Nampong, connecting to the ‘Pangsau Pass’, eventually entering the territory of China via Burma, even as of date, stands as a testimony to the deadly war and evokes hair raising sagas of those 40,000 plus unsung heroes who literally braved through hell constructing such a huge stretch of pathway that cut across dangerous and ghastly terrains, wild jungles, deep valleys and enormous cliffs.

While a drive along this legendary road is one of the must things to do for every tourist in Nampong, there is yet another interesting site in this little town which has its roots associated with the fascinating history and which makes for a must see attraction, especially for history lovers and curious travellers.

The captivating site is none other than the ‘Lake of No Return’; officially the part of Republic of Myanmar lying along the Pangsau border area, this lake is as interesting and mysterious as its name and is often referred to as the ‘Bermuda Triangle of India’ owing to the fact that every airplane which landed here during World War II, concealed in its depths and never returned back.

The lake also finds its mention in the local folklores and arouses a sense of enigma whoever sees it for the first time. The cultural heritage of Nampong is also noteworthy and is best showcased during the ‘Pangsau Pass Winter Festival’ that is organized by Arunachal State Tourism Board in the month of January every year. In case one is up for a cultural extravaganza unprecedented in the region, must plan a trip here during this festival which brings in the warm and hospitable tribes of Arunachal and Myanmar on the same platform.

The three day celebrations are packed with folk performances, traditional sports, ethnic food and a lot more to keep the visitors busy. For those with some interest in shopping, can also go around and have a look at two nations’ craftsmen and artisans who bring along with them beautiful handcrafted stuff which make for perfect souvenirs to carry back home. Just in case you are fascinated by Nampong’s unparalleled offerings and are looking for a holiday package for this serene little town, we have an ongoing deal wherein we are providing most discounted prices to our prospect customers. For those interested, can contact our tour and travel helplines either through phone or by posting an email; and our representatives would get back with all the required details at the earliest.

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