Visiting Arunachal Pradesh in Winter Season

Winter is the best season to visit Arunachal Pradesh. During this weather the temperature fluctuates between 8°c - 14°c and it remains quite chilly, though refreshing. Due to the cool temperature, the visitors enjoy and have good time visiting many local attractions in Arunachal. This is the best time to visit if you wish to be surrounded by cultural fiesta. Lossar Festival, Boori Boot, Loku, Sanken are major festivals celebrated during the winters in Arunachal Pradesh.

Arunachal is an ideal destination that can be visited if you enjoy nature because during this season you can witness snow clad Himalayan Mountains and clear view of the valleys and one can even see unique birds. Winter is the right time to visit certain destinations like for example Tawang. Located on the higher altitude, this place offers with skiing activity. Some other must visit destinations during winters are Roing, Itanagar, Bomdila, Ziro to name a few. It is certainly, an ideal holiday season for all kind of travellers visiting Arunachal Pradesh.

Winter Season in Arunachal

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