Miao Travel Guide

Nestled on the shores of beautiful Noa-Dihing River and cradling amidst the majestic Patkai Bum Ranges of Eastern Himalayas, Miao is swarmed with countless travellers from across the nation every year. The region serves as the sub-division of Changlang District in Arunachal Pradesh and encompasses numerous pristine hill villages that provide for a much needed respite to all those holiday seekers looking for an absolute seclusion from the outside world. The tribal settlements of Miao are known for their warmth and friendliness, always receptive to embrace visitors with an open arm and leaving them with their great hospitality, so, just in case one is up for a captivating rendezvous with tribal heritage of North East India, is surely going to fall in love with this little place and get back home with some wonderful memories to cherish forever.

An Insight into Miao Tourism

Nestled in the lap of Patkai Bum Ranges of eastern extension of Himalayas, Miao is a scenic little town in Changlang District of Arunachal Pradesh that makes for a perfect holiday destination for nature lovers and soul-seekers wanting to soak their minds and hearts in immense serenity and tranquillity of the place. Snow-crowned mountains, virgin forests, long-spread valleys and tiny little tribal huts, simply add to this scenic hamlet’s picturesque charm, which takes no time in casting a magical spell on all its visitors. For those who are here to unwind from the city chaos, are sure to relish best times of their lives, basking in untamed panoramas of nature, listening to melodious tweets of hundreds of invisible birds and revelling in sweet whispers of chilly winds that act therapeutically leaving all distressed souls completely refreshed and invigorated.

The place also proves to be a great retreat for passionate hikers and trekkers; ‘Deban’, a pristine small valley located 25 km. off Miao makes for a great trekking destination and traverses trekking enthusiasts through deep wilderness of the famous ‘Namdapha Forest Reserve’; stunning vistas of the snow-capped ‘Dafa Boon Range’, chirping of oriental-pied hornbills and slushing sound of the Noa Dihing River, follow all along the trek, raising thrill and excitement to a completely new level. Alternatively, there are yet more fascinating trails in the vicinity of the town that remain unexplored; for avid hikers, these hidden trails work wonders and leave them with an experience most captivating and spell-binding.

For travellers who are up for an unmatched cultural exploration in Miao, would definitely find this tiny little hamlet to be fairly cosmopolitan, serving home to people of diverse ethnicities and religions; while the tribal communities of Lisu, Singpho and Tangsa form the major chunk of the population, one can also witness a number of Tibetan refugees living in close harmony and enjoying their lives in their own cultural way.

Festivals are an important part of Miao’s culture and are celebrated with much grandeur and enthusiasm; for tourists, the ‘Namdapha Eco Cultural Festival’ makes for a significant attraction and leaves them enchanted with a mesmerizing extravaganza of folk songs & dances, traditional sport competitions, tribal handloom & handicraft exhibits and ethnic food carnivals. Eco-trekking, river rafting and sightseeing are additional highlights of the festival which keep tourists busy and well occupied.

Miao is well-connected to all major cities and towns of Arunachal and can be easily reached by all modes of transport: Air, Rail and Road. The ‘Mohanbari Airport’ in Dibrugarh lying approximately 180 km. is the closest and hosts several Indian Airlines flights daily. In case one is travelling to Miao via rail, must get down at the ‘Tinsukia Railway Station’ and cover rest of the journey through road by boarding a bus or hiring a taxi or a jeep.

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Where to Stay in Miao?

Miao is only equipped with very few accommodation options. There is an inspection bungalow and a tourist lodge provided by government. Changlang can be the other option for booking a hotel near Miao. This place has two hotels and one circuit house on offer. Though the places are quite average in terms of quality but they provide an authentic experience of staying in Arunachal.

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