Buddha Temple Itanagar

Situated on the top of a hill at an elevation in Itanagar, Buddhist Temple is quite different from other Buddhist temples found in India. What makes it quite unique is the fact that it is one of those places where you can see stupa right in front of the temple, which is not usual in India. The temple has a yellow-roofed shrine and the temple has a Tibetan influence. Inside the stupa, you can see the portraits of a Buddhist monk. You can also see an idol of Buddha. Also, there's a tree at the end of the temple, which is believed to be planted by Dalai Lama. Do watch out for the beautiful view of the city from the temple.

Getting There

Closest landmark to the Buddha Temple will be the busstand. To reach here one can find good number of taxis and buses from anywhere in the city.

Things to Do & See in and around

After relaxing for a while at the Buddha Temple,make a point to visit some iconic attractions of Itanagar like Itafort, Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Museum, and the Ganga lake (Geykar Sinyi) and the Zoo.

Buddha Temple, Itanagar
Best Time to Visit

There's no specific best time to visit the temple, you can visit here throughout the year.

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