Daporijo Good Shepherd Church Arunachal

One of the major religious sites in Daporijo, the Daporijo Good Shepherd Church is centrally located and is visited by people of Roman Catholic denomination. Annually a St. Mary Feast is held here which is attended by a large number of Christian population. The celebration comprises offering prayers and a grand feast.

Getting There

The church is centrally located, and thus can be visited on foot. Otherwise taxis are also available.

Things to Do & See in and around

Apart from attending the sunday mass, one can visit nearby attraction like Meghana Cave Temple, Sigem Daporijo Reserve Forest and Daporijo Museum and Craft Centre.

Best Time to Visit

The winter months, especially October and November, are considered to be the best time tovisit the place since the weather during this period is pleasant.

Daporijo Good Shepherd Church.

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