Tourist Attractions in Daporijo

Blessed with an enchanting scenery and scenic hill trails, for sure, one of the best things to do in Daporijo is to venture out on nature walks and short hikes listening to melodious chirps of little birds simultaneously revelling in nature’s unmatched panoramas.

The town offers a number of tourism places to explore; the neighbouring tribal villages of Raga, Tamin and Mori make as perfect getaways for cultural freaks looking forward to get an insight into tribal heritage of the region, the ‘Kamala Reserve Forest’ and ‘Sigem Daporijo Reserve Forest’.

Make for must visit destinations for all those interested in bird watching, wildlife exploration and nature photography, last but not the least, the ancient ‘Meghna Cave Temple’ which is counted amongst the most popular tourist attractions of Daporijo is definitely worth a visit for all the religious hearted and spirituality seekers. Shopping too is ideal in Daporijo; the tribal women of this town carry out brilliant hand-weaving and handloom making. Their indigenous handicrafts and colourful artifacts are easily available in local tribal markets and make as wonderful souvenirs to take back home.

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