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The Jungshi Paper Factory

The next time you plan a trip to Bhutan and find yourself in its lovely capital, Thimphu, take some time out and visit The Jungshi Paper Factory. Located about 1 km from the capital city, the factory manufactures paper using the traditional methods. This is not any ordinary paper though; it is an authentic Bhutanese paper called Deh-sho.

It is wonderful, and inspiring, to see how the Jungshi paper factory has continued this ancient Bhutanese tradition. Besides paper, other items like greeting cards and stationery are also manufactured by the factory.

The manufacture of traditional paper involves the use of the barks of two tree species, Daphne and Dhekap. The best part about your visit to The Jungshi Paper Factory is that you get to observe the entire process before your very eyes. The tradition has been passed down for generations.

If you wish to, you can also try your hand at this traditional practice of making paper. After you have made some, carry them home with you as a souvenir. This particular kind of paper first came into use by monasteries in Bhutan for woodblocks, printing of religious scriptures and writing prayer books.