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Climate in Paro

Summer Weather

June to August is the time when Paro experiences the summer season. The start of summer sees heavy rains and the mountains remain cloaked with clouds and offer fascinating vistas. The maximum temperature in summer reaches around 28 degrees Celsius, while the minimum temperature is around 15 degrees Celsius. It is the wettest time of the year in the city.

Spring Weather

Spring season in Paro runs from March to May and it is the perfect time to visit the city. During this season, tourists can enjoy the natural beauty of the city, as the flowers are in full bloom. The region teems with abundant bird life in spring, making this season apt to visit for bird watchers. Nature buffs can enjoy the breathtaking views of imposing peaks. travelers can also enjoy the vibrant festival of Paro Tsechu. The season can be pretty cold so it is advisable to take woolen clothes along.

Winter Weather

December to February is the time when Paro experiences winters. It is a great time to explore the city as it is free from the throngs of visitors, and the serenity can be felt all around. Accommodations are also available at a decent price during winters. Day are bright while nights and evenings can be freezing, so you should make sure that you are carrying thick woolens along. This is an ideal time for adventure activities such as white-water rafting and bird watching. The maximum temperature in winters goes up to around 9 degrees Celsius, and the minimum temperature dips down to -10 degrees Celsius.

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