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Climate in Dagana

Summer Season (April – June)

Dagana experiences summer from April to June, making it an ideal time to plan a trip to Dagana. During this time, the weather in Dagana remains pleasant with little rainfall and temperatures ranges from 8°C to 16°C. This time of the year is the best a road trip or hiking and cycling vacation.

Monsoon Season (July-September)

Monsoons in Dagana begin from July and stretches to September. It is during this time when the district experiences a considerable amount of rainfall with temperatures ranging between 10°C to 20°C. The rains one from indulging in any outdoor activities. However, the season is perfect for those who love enjoying road trips during the monsoon season.

Winter Season (November-March)

Winter months in Dagana begin from November to March with temperature ranging from -3°C to 13°C. Of all, the coldest months are January and February with the temperature dropping down to -3°C. However, those who want to witness the beauty of Dagana can plan a trip between early winter i.e., November or December.

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