About Yusmarg Tourism

Amidst the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas, Yusmarg or the ‘Meadows of Jesus’ is believed to be the place where Jesus once lived. Sitting by the scintillating River Doodhganga overlooking the mighty Sunset and Tatakooti Peaks, Yusmarg offers itself as a perfect tourist destination for all those looking for relaxing and rejuvenating vacation amidst nature.

The Ahmadiya Muslim Community believes, Jesus once walked on the lush meadows of Yusmarg, and thus the name. Yus stands for Jesus and marg means meadow. The locals go on to say, Jesus died at this very place, and his tomb is also situated here, but then it is a much-debated topic. Whatever may be the truth, the fact remains, Yusmarg is a picturesque place and makes an unparalleled travel destination for nature lovers in Kashmir.

Best Time to Visit Yusmarg


Summer Season

The season of summer commences from March and ends in June in Yusmarg. During the months of March and April, Yusmarg witnesses blooming of a variety of flowers making it the best time to plan a visit.


Monsoon Season

Like most of the places in Kashmir, Yusmarg too receives little to moderate rain, which makes it quite the season to plan a trip without much hassle.


Winter Season

The winter season in Yusmarg begins in the month of October, but it is between December and February, Yusmarg finds itself covered in snow. The temperature usually goes in minus.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Yusmarg


Pakherpora Shrine

The famous Pakhepora Shrine is dedicated to the saint Syed Balkhi who came all the way to Kashmir from Afghanistan in the 15th century.


Charari Sharief

One of the most ancient Muslim shrines in Kashmir, Charar-e-Shareef is dedicated to Sufi Saint Sheikh Noor-ud-din Noorani.


Dudh Ganga

Flowing through the lush meadows of Yusmarg, Doodhganga is named after its foamy water which appears like milk.


Nilang Lake

A gorgeous alpine lake, Nilnag is set amidst the dense coniferous forest and is amongst the top attractions in Yusmarg.



An oval-shaped meadow through which runs the Doodhganga River, Sang-e-Safed or the White Rock is a must-visit near Yusmarg.

Top Things to Do in Yusmarg



A number of trekking trails branch out from Yusmarg leading to more scenic meadows and lakes making trekking a must-do activity.


Horse Riding

The best way to explore Yusmarg and its equally surreal surroundings, horse riding is indeed the top thing to do.


Trout Fishing

Rich in trout fish population, Doodhganga River offers a great opportunity to enjoy angling and fishing in Yusmarg.



Yusmarg offers opportunity to the tourists to visit the 600 years old Muslim sacred site of Charar-e-Shareef to seek the blessings of the patron...

How to Reach Yusmarg?


By Air

The nearest airport to Yusmarg is situated in Srinagar, which around 50 km away. Cabs are readily available for Yusmarg from Srinagar.


By Rail

The nearest railway station to Yusmarg is situated in Jammu, which is around 270 km away. In order to reach Yusmarg, one has to either fly to Srinagar and further take a taxi to Yusmarg or has to book a direct taxi to Yusmarg.


By Bus

National Highway 44 connects Yusmarg to many places in India including Srinagar, Jammu, Delhi, Chandigarh etc. Cabs are available from Srinagar on a regular basis to Yusmarg.

Yusmarg Travel Guide by Category

Accommodation in Yusmarg

Yusmarg, in the name of accommodation option only has JKTDC Tourist Bungalows and Huts for which prior bookings have to be made. These huts on the meadow offer all the basic facilities to the guests. However, they do offer a special staying experience. The trekkers are advised to carry their own tents which they can pitch on their trekking trails on beautiful meadows.

Top Things to Do in Yusmarg

The naturally blessed Yusmarg is a great destination to enjoy trekking to some of the most beautiful meadows and forests in Kashmir. Yusmarg has many short and long treks that can be enjoyed by adventure lovers. Camping under the sky full of stars is also something one must-do in Yusmarg. Horse riding across Yusmarg and around is another best thing to do.

Top Attractions in Yusmarg

The picture perfect Yusmarg has fewer attractions but all of them offer spectacular views. Amongst its popular tourists places is Doodhganga River which runs through it offering a visual treat. The alpine Nilanag Lake, set amidst the forest, is also one of the top attractions in Yusmarg. There are many trekking trails leading to some breathtaking destinations adorned with picturesque meadows like Sang-e-Safed and Tosa Maidan, which are not to be missed in Yusmarg.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many days stay is required to visit Yusmarg?

1-2 days stay is required to visit Yusmarg.

Q. What are the best months to explore Yusmarg?

Summer season, which starts in March and ends in June, are the best months to explore Yusmarg. During this time, the weather remains quite pleasant, flowers are in full bloom, and you can enjoy a variety of activities like horse riding, trekking, trout fishing and sightseeing.

Q. Does Yusmarg have good hotels for families?

There are two accommodation options in Yusmarg, JKTDC Tourist Bungalows and huts, for which bookings have to be made beforehand. Both of them offer basic facilities, and you can stay in them with your families. However, if you want to stay only in a hotel, you will have to book a hotel at Srinagar, where both luxury and budget hotels are available, besides a houseboat experience.

Q. What are the best places to explore in Yusmarg?

You can try out a lot of activities and enjoy sightseeing during your holidays in Yusmarg. Some of the top tourist attractions which you can explore are Pakherpora Shrine, Charar-e-Sharif, Nilang Lake, Doodhganga and Sang-e-Safed. Popular activities to enjoy in Yusmarg are trekking, horse riding and trout fishing.

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