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Yusmarg Travel Guide

A more than perfect place to find solace and peace of mind, Yusmarg or Yousmarg in Kashmir, is where nature embraces you the tightest. Amidst the Pir Panjal Range of Himalayas, this dreamy place sits by the scintillating River Doodhganga overlooking the mighty Sunset and Tatakooti Peaks. Believed to be the place where Jesus once lived, Yusmarg certainly has a charming aura. It offers itself as a perfect tourist destination for all those looking for a place to relish the sweetness of doing nothing.

An Insight into Yusmarg

The Ahmadiya Muslim Community believes, Jesus once walked on the lush meadows of Yusmarg, and thus the name; Yus stands for Jesus and marg means meadow. The name is the declaration that Jesus once spent his time in Yusmarg. The locals go on to say, Jesus died at this very place, and his tomb is also situated here, but then it is a much-debated topic. Whatever may be the truth, the fact remains, Yusmarg is a picturesque place and makes an unparalleled travel destination for anyone seeking solace amidst undisturbed nature. Unlike other tourist destinations in Kashmir, Yusmarg doesn’t give many activity options apart from fewer treks around, and this precisely is the beauty of this place. This must-visit destination is ideal for relishing the sweetness of doing nothing, which construes surrendering to nature, imbibing its beauty, and if possible, capturing it in the camera.

Yusmarg has a handful of attractions for sightseeing such as the 600 years old Muslim pilgrimage destination of Charar-e-Shareef the alpine Nilnag Lake the picturesque valley and meadow of Sang-e-Safed. There are two more scenic meadows, namely, Lidder Mad and Haigan, en route Sang-e-Safed that make for important attraction in Yusmarg. While trekking is one option to reach Nilnag, Sang-e-Safed and the two other meadows, a pony ride is another option for those reluctant/unable to walk to these major tourist places in Yusmarg. However, the access of horses is limited to a particular point. For the adventure enthusiasts, there is also Doodhpathri and Tosa Maidan treks, which are quite rewarding.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Yusmarg

Mesmerizing with its pristine natural settings, Yusmarg is ideal for anyone seeking solace and solitude. Adorned with attractions like a high altitude lake, Nilnag; meandering Doodhganga River; lofty mountains like Tattakooti; and meadows of Sang-e-Safed, Yusmarg is a traveller’s paradise where the best thing to do is to lose yourself in the beauty of nature.

Explore Popular Tour Packages for Yusmarg Kashmir

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Best Hotels & Resorts for Holidaying in Yusmarg

Being a lesser-known destination in Kashmir, Yusmarg offers only a handful of accommodation options to its visitors. Amongst the most famous is JKTDC Huts that enjoys a scenic location over the meadow. There are some more budget staying options in Yusmarg for the visitors where you get to learn that luxury is not what you need to be happy but a content heart.

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