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Labrang Monastery Mangan

Labrang Monastery is an antique structure that has a charming appeal. This Buddhist shrine is quite unique because it still holds its original structure, with its white walls and gilded roofs done in the mixed Tibet and India style of architecture. Inside the Labrang Monastery you can see the murals at the prayer hall and if you visit this attraction during early December, you may witness the famous Chaam Dance as well. This must visit attraction was built in honour of Latsun Chembo of Kongpu who started Nyingmapa School of Tibetan Buddhism. Labrang Monastery contains about six institutes of learning, a gilded stupa, 18 halls, a sutra debate area and it also houses about 60,000 sutras. There is also a museum that has a collection of Buddha statues, sutras and murals, including Tibetan language books, historical books, books on medicines, music, art, calendars etc.

Things to Do & See in and around

Labrang Monastery is an attractive destination to visit and here apart from witnessing this imposing structure you can also explore the museum that stores statues, sutras, murals as well as language books and music. This monastery is also positioned at a distance of 2 kilometres from the Phodong Monastery, which is yet another place to see.

Labrang Monastery Mangan, Sikkim
Getting There

You can avail taxis from Mangan to reach Labrang Monastery.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Labrang Monastery is from March to June.

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