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Kartok Monastery Yuksom

Located in a picturesque village of Yuksom, Kartok Monastery is noted to be one of the three important monasteries in the town, the two being Dubdi Monastery and the Ngadak Chorling Monastery, Kartok flaunts its smooth red structure dotted with golden, yellow outlines and Tibetan design. This monastery is a popular pilgrimage destination in Yuksom adorned by colourful prayer flags and flanked by the beautiful Lake Kartok. The name of the monastery came into existence after a lama who played a huge role in the coronation of the maiden ruler of Sikkim.

Getting There

Kartok Monastery is located in Yuksam, you can get taxi/bus services from all major towns of Sikkim.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit this monastery is throughout the year, however, the ideal time would be from March to June.

Things to do and see

This monastery still holds its fossil charm and the best part is, the lake located near it. You can explore the shrine; sight the attractive mountain peaks and charming paddy fields around.

Kartok Monastery Yuksom, Sikkim

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