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Cherry Tea Festival Temi Sikkim

A one of its kind carnival, the Cherry Tea Festival aims at promoting the natural beauty of cherry blossoms and organic tea produced at the famous “Temi Tea Estate” located 51 km. off Gangtok in South Sikkim. The festival is a major draw for countless nature lovers who throng here to immerse their souls in ethereal beauty of the place that gets covered in the veil of blooming Cherry Blossoms, providing a hypnotising spectacle sitting against the serene backdrop of the majestic Kanchenjunga peak. Adventure activities, photography competitions and cultural programs too are an integral part of this annual fiesta that surely leaves all adventure buffs and cultural aficionadas basking in its wonderful memories for a number of days.

History of the Festival

The first Cherry Tea Festival was held in the year 2013 with the initiative of “Temi Tarku Tourism Development Committee (TTTDC)” in association with the “Sikkim State Tourism Department”. The festival not only aimed at promoting the tea estate but, also boosting tourism potential in the Temi Tarku region, which is heavenly blessed with nature’s unmatched bounty. As of today, this beautiful festival has gained quite a popularity and finds its mention amongst top few tourism focussed festivals and carnivals in the state.

Duration of the Festival

With cherry blossoms in full bloom during the month of November, it marks the time of this extravagant festival, which is not only attended by domestic tourists but hundreds of international travellers as well. The dates for this three day long fiesta remain fixed from 15th to 17th November every year.

Highlights & Important Rituals of the Festival

The festival provides for a magnificent spectacle of blooming cherry blossoms, which by far is its biggest highlight, especially for nature lovers; one is free to take short walks around the region and soak in its unprecedented natural beauty that is painted in vibrant hues of pink all around.

Cherry Tea Festival Temi, Sikkim

Those with some interest in cultural exploration, can sit back and enjoy a lively spectacle of folk music and dance shows, savour on the traditional Sikkimese cuisine or just go around the town, visiting the famous attractions like “Chaar Dham” and “Buddha Park”. Shopaholics too, would have an interesting time at the festival filling their bags with local handicrafts, floricultural products and off-course the organic Temi Teas at promotional prices.

The festival provides for an amazing treat to adventure seekers as well; there are arrangements to indulge in an array of adrenaline pumping activities like paragliding, mountain biking and trekking.

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