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Lampokhari Paryatan Mahotsav Sikkim

Also known as Lampokhari Tourism Festival, the Lampokhari Paryatan Mahotsav is one of the most sought after fests in Sikkim that sees a footfall of thousands of tourists every year. The festival is not only a tribute to the ancient cultural heritage of the state, but, also a platform to bask in its unmatched scenic beauty that is dotted with imposing Himalayan peaks, sparkling waterfalls, flower-carpeted meadows and picturesque alpine lakes. Whether one is a cultural enthusiast, a nature lover, a gastronome, an adventure seeker or just a casual holiday maker, he is sure to find something to match his chords during this magnificent carnival.

History of the Festival

The first Lampokhari Paryatan Mahotsav was held in the year 2007 with combined efforts of Aritar Dalapchand Lampokhari Development Society (ADLDS), Department of Tourism and Department of Culture & Heritage. The main objective of this tourism fest was to bring the captivating Rongli Sub-Division nestled in East Sikkim on the world tourism map. After its commendable success during the first year itself, it was continued to be organized every year, with each year seeing a tremendous increase in the number of tourists thronging to specially witness and be part of North East's unprecedented cultural legacy.

Duration of the Festival

Lampokhari Festival is a two-day long event that is organized in the month of April on the grounds of the enchanting Lampokhari Lake in the little hamlet of Aritar in East Sikkim. Cultural shows, flower exhibits, adventure activities, traditional food stalls, boat rides, cooking competitions and local archery contests are some of the greatest crowd pullers that provide both locals and tourists with an amazing time.

Lampokhari Paryatan Mahotsav, Sikkim
Highlights & Important Rituals of the Festival

Stage performances including that of cultural dance shows, comic skits, poetry competitions and musical contests are an integral part of this tourism festival, which precisely keeps the cultural enthusiasts busy throughout. For adventure buffs, there are various arrangements for adrenaline-pumping activities like trekking, paragliding, mountain-biking and rock-climbing. Nature lovers can keep themselves occupied with boating trips, bird-watching tours and local sightseeing excursions. Also, there is something for foodies too; a delectable spread of traditional Sikkimese cuisine belonging to various ethnic communities of the region such as Lepchas, Bhutias, Rais, Newars, Tamangs and Sherpas. Accompanied with traditional drinks, it surely makes for a treat to look forward to.

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