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Naga Heritage Village Kohima

Naga Heritage Village also known as Kisama Heritage Village is only one in Nagaland. The place is wrapped in breathtaking scenic views at the foothills of the lustrous and evergreen hills on the borderline of this village. It is surrounded by all types of flora. Naga Heritage village is rich in its tradition and cultural activities. Being one of the prime tourist attractions, the village sees hundreds of tourists round the year. Visiting this place is an experience of one of its kind and probably different from any part of the country. Its rich heritage speaks volumes about its cultures and customs. On visiting, you will see the unique thatched roofs on the traditionally built houses, its wooden walls and delicately and neatly done carvings of different designs – all of it has an age old rural essence. You will feel living just simply in a different era in your lifetime.

This village comprises of Morungs or 16 different houses that are designed and made in such a way that it symbolizes 16 communities of the population residing here. These communities have restored the artifacts of World War II, its food courts, traditionally bamboo made halls and a stadium which is famous for its Hornbill Festival. The scenic beauty of the village itself mesmerizes the tourists, and thus tourism has flourished in leaps and bounds in the region over the years.

Every year in the first week of December, this village celebrates the biggest festival of Northeast, The Hornbill Festival. In other words it is known as the king of festivals. As Nagaland is dependent completely on agriculture, this festival is very important and considered sacred among the tribes and communities.

Popular things to do & see in and around

Watching the stadium where the Hornbill Festival takes place is quite exciting. Once in a lifetime experience is to see this festival live. The other places to visit are Japfu Peak- the second highest peak in Nagaland; Barra Basti opens from 6am to 6pm; Dzukou Valley and lots of other exciting and adventurous places.

Naga Heritage Village in Kohima

Getting There 

To reach Naga Heritage Village directly from Dimapur airport which is 41 km away, you can hire any taxi from different parts of Kohima. Similarly, cabs from Dimapur railway station will take you to Naga Heritage Village within a couple of hours. Taxis can directly take you to this village from the nearby cities and towns.

Best Time to Visit

Winter is the best preferred season to visit Naga Heritage Village.

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