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Kohima War Cemetery Kohima

The War Cemetery in Kohima was built in the year April 1944 to mark the death of the soldiers who lost their in the Second World War at Kohima. In the memory of those soldiers of the allied force of 2nd British Division this war cemetery was built. In the tennis court area of deputy commissioners’ residence these soldiers breathed their last on the Garrison hill battleground. According to the report of CWGC who maintains the cemetery of the world, reported 1420 commonwealth burial of those who died in the Second World War. The other 917 Hindu and Sikhs bodies were cremated as per their social rights. The commander of 14th army (Burma) Field Marshal Sir William Slim had inaugurated the memorial.

This spot is a great tourist attraction as it tells people more about our ancient history. To prevent the Burma attack, the Japanese army attacked the British army who were then stationed at North East India in March 1944. Later in April, the Japanese army after occupying the Garrison hill attacked the commonwealth forces. The British National Army Museum in 2013 declared the battle of Imphal and Kohima as ‘Britain’s greatest battle’.

Popular things to do & see in and around

The War Cemetery situated at NH 39, Kohima, the capital of Nagaland. There are many nearby places to visit. You can go shopping to Urban Haat, Senapati Market, Chumukedima Market and Wokha Market. Dimapur isn’t quite far from here. The War Cemetery is situated at the Garrison Hills so trekking is the best option to reach there. As it is a forest area it is advisable to follow a definite route or else chances of getting lost in on higher chances. It is highly recommendable to take any local guide along with you who is well versed with the places, pit and holes of it.

Getting There 

Dimapur airport is the nearest to the War Cemetery and stands at 60kms from there, any taxi from the airport can bring you to this spot within an hour.

Kohima War Cemetery

From Dimapur railway station, you can avail taxis and local transport to reach this War Cemetery. Tourism buses are available to reach the War Cemetery from Kohima. Any jeep or private car can be hired to reach the trekking point.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit this place is in winter. Trekking can be much more adventurous and fun in winter.

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