Mallinath Digambar Jain Temple Hingoli Maharashtra

Mallinath Digambar Jain Temple is considered to be one of the important religious centers for Jain which is located in the village of Shirad Shahapur in Aundha Nagnath Taluka. This temple is dedicated to Lord Mallinath where a large number of Jain pilgrims come from all over India.

The temple is situated in the Aundha Nagnath Taluka of Hingoli district in Maharashtra, India. The temple is said to have a statue of Lord Mallinath which is supposed to be 300 years old. The statue was initially kept at Ardhapur in between other confuted idols. Later the idol was moved by Bhattaraka Shree Premanand to this site from Ardhapur who was annoyed to see the condition of the idol. This was done after taking the Nizam’s permission. At first he wanted to take this idol to Karanja but on the way he saw a dream and constructed a temple in the village of Shirad Shahapur.

The temples architecture is just iconic and breathtaking. The carvings on the walls of the temples are must to watch. The temple is now well constructed and is designed properly with architecture that will leave you awestruck. The carvings and designs on the walls of the temple are worth seeing and will attract everyone. People visit the temple from all over India because of the easily accessible roads towards the temple.

History of the Temple

The temple which is located here at present was not here many years ago. There is a story related to the temple which resulted on the construction of the temple. The temple is now well constructed with all the facilities available for the devotees. It has also a high architectural importance and is among one of the important places of pilgrimage mostly for the Jain people. The temple is beautifully constructed with amazing and attractive architecture which gives the temple a beautiful look.

Getting There 

Getting to the temple is not at all difficult and it can be reached with the help of buses from Parbhani which is only 45 km and from Hingoli which is 35 km. One can also take taxi for reaching the temple as taxis are also easily available there. Trains are also available to reach the place. It is an easily accessible place where people can reach without any difficulty.

Things to Do in and around

One can visit the temple to see the 300 years old idol. Apart from that, the temple architecture is something that also attracts a number of tourists from all over the India and the world. People can also do sightseeing nearby as the place is full of devotional places and natural beauty.

Mallinath Digambar Jain Temple Hingoli Maharashtra

One can also do puja aarti and abhishek to the idol and seek blessings from the God. Apart from that the temple is well decorate during festive seasons which is also an attraction for people.

Opening/closing timings and days

The temple is open to general public throughout the day and no such timing is given except for the arrangement of aarti, puja and bhog the temple is closed.

Entry fee

There is no entry fee charged to enter the temple.

Best Time to Visit

Any season is the best season to visit the temple but one can visit during morning, afternoon and evening of the day to get the best view of the temple and see the puja and aarti.

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