Best Time to Visit Nanded

Nanded in Maharashtra is famous for the holy Hazur Sahib which is considered a sacred shrine for the Sikhs. Being a holy city, Nanded attracts of a lot of believers and it is also gaining its importance as a tourist spot. The city experiences very hot summers, with heavy rainfall in the monsoon and cold winters.


The summer season starts from the month of April and lasts till the end of May. Temperatures are very high during this time and reaches to a maximum of 42 degrees Celsius. The scorching heat of the sun makes the city a very uncomfortable place to live in. This time of the year should generally be avoided by the tourists to plan their holidays here.


The rainy season sets in from the month of July and ends in September. The city gets heavy shower during this time. To enjoy the waterfalls in Nanded one must pay a visit to this place during monsoons.


This season starts from November and continues till the end of February. The weather is chilly and cold during this time. It is ideal season for holidays here and the tourists can enjoy sightseeing in the city during this part of the year. Woolens are a must to be carried.

Best Time to Visit Nanded

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