Mahurgad Nanded

Mahurgad, also known as Mahur, is a city close to Nanded, which is quite prominent for its temples. Over here, one can find three mountains, each facilitated with a temple. The first one, and perhaps the most prominent one features the temple of Renuka Devi, who is the mother of the god Parshuram. Other two are called Datt Shikhar and Atri Anasuya Shikar. There are many other temples in Mahur like Jamdagni Temple, Parshuram Temple, Kalika temple, Devdeveshwar Temple, and also the Caves called Pandav Leni.

A highly revered shrine for people of the Shaktism sect, Renuka Devi Temple is a must visit. According to historians, when Goddess Renuka was killed by her son, Parashurama; her head fell on the same place where the temple is currently located. Renuka was later given rebirth as a boon by Sage Jamadagni to his son Parashurama.


One can find the mention of Mahurgad in the ancient Devi Bhagavata Purana as "Matripura" or "Matapur," an important place for Shakti worshippers. The place is a significant for Muslims too as here can spot the famous Dargah of Baba SonaPir, who is also known as Mohar-e-Rasool (Stamp of Prophet). In every fifth of the month, a Urs has been conducted in Dargah. Many people come from different parts of the country to celebrate this occasion.

Getting There

Mahur is mainly a town, which is three kilometers away from the Nanded. The only way to approach Mahur is by Road. There are frequent buses (State-run ST buses as well as private buses) from different cities of Maharashtra.

Best time to Visit

Navratri, and Vijayadashami would be a good time to visit the temple. Specially on Vijayadashami when a special fest is organized here. On auspicious occasions like Navratri, and Datta Pournima, a special puja takes place at the temple.

Mahurgad Nanded

Things to Do & See in and around

Mahur might be a small city, however, it has many significant religious attractions. Matapur Niwasini Shri Jagdamba Devi Temple or Renuka Devi Temple, Dattatreya Temple, Anusaya Temple, Devdeveshwar Temple, Parshuram Temple, Sarvatirtha, Matru-Tirtha, Bhanutirth, Hati darvaza, Bal samudra, Pandav Leni, Mahurgad Fort, Mahakali Temple (In the fort), Mahur Museum, Sonapir Dargah, Shaikh Farid Water fall (Wazara), and Palace of Raje Udaram are some of the must-visit attractions that one must visit in Mahur.

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