Best Time to Visit Jalna

Jalna can be visited throughout the year but due to sub tropical climatic conditions, it is suggested to visit this ancient pilgrim city during winters. Due to pleasant weather, your sightseeing will become memorable in winters.


Summers are hot and humid and can make your trip unpleasant. The summers normally start from April and last till September every year. The average temperature in summers varies between 38°C - 40°C.


As a result of southwest monsoon, Jalna receives good rainfall every year ranging between 650 mm – 750 mm. Sometimes due to low rainfall, it also experiences drought. Rains are very unpredictable and you may have to carry your umbrella if you are planning to visit during monsoons.


Winters are from November to March. This is the best season to visit this place and enjoy the weather. The temperature in winters goes down to 9°C and rise up to 29°C.

Best Time to Visit Jalna

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