Jamb Samarth Jalna

This is the place is where Sant Ramdas was born. It is situated in Ghanaswangi in the Jalna district. Swami Ramdas was born in a chaitra shukla navami. On the day of Ram navami, an annual fair is held in a Ram temple which was once the home of Sant Ramdas. The Samarth temple in the same area built in his memory. This temple has food and lodging system for the travelers who come to this place.

History of the Temple

The Jamb Samarth temple is managed by a trust body, which was registered by Nanasaheb Dev in the year 1943. The building where the people stay, is built by the donation given in the memory of Ahalya Devi Holkar.

Getting There 

Partur is the nearest railway station from Jamb Samartha, situated at 21.7 km away from this place. It is also possible to travel to this place by car from the closest airport Aurangabad, but it will take a long time.

Things to Do in and around

Other than visiting the Jamb Samarth temple, you can also visit the Ram temple in Sant Ramadas’ house. If you go to the place during Ram Navami, you can also see the fair.

Jamb Samarth Jalna

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Jamb Samartha will be late autumn and winter. Therefore, you may visit the place during October to February. If you are interested in the Ram Navami fair, you can also visit the place during that specific time.

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