Shree Ganesh Temple Rajur Jalna

In the Rajur area of Jalna, 25 km away, from the city, a Ganesha temple is situated. A lot of devotees and pilgrims visit this place on the chaturthis of each month – Ganesh chaturthi at this temple is a crowd puller. Moreover, on the occasion of Angarika Chaturthi, a fair is held in the temple, with a lot of people visiting as devotees.

History of the Temple

According to the Ganesh Purana, this is one of the complete pithas of Lord Ganesha, and therefore has religious importance associated with it.

Getting There 

The temple of Ganesha is 25 Km north to the Jalna city, and is well connected by bus routes from various places of Maharashtra.

Things to Do in and around

The temple is at present under renovation, and to be completed soon. There are other religious places in the district of Jalna, like Matsyadori temple etc. There is also a dam called Chandai dam, near Shree Ganesh of Rajur, which can be visited.

Opening/closing timings and days

The temple is opened throughout the day and closed at night.

Shree Ganesh Temple in Rajur

Entry fee

No fee is charged at the temple, it is open to all.

Best Time to Visit

If you are planning to attend the fair of Angarika Chaturthi, then you have to plan the visit accordingly. Otherwise, from winter, to early spring could be a good time to visit the place.

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