Ambadevi Temple Amravati

Located in the heart of Amravati, Ambadevi temple is reckoned as one of the oldest temples of the region. The principal deity of the temple is Goddess Ambadevi, incarnations of goddess Durga. According to historical records, Krishna heroically kidnapped Rukmini and got married to her in Ambadevi temple.

Depicting the importance of the temple is its beautiful walls, which are adorned with sculptures telling the tales of different Puranas. Inside the high walls of the temples, one can find a spacious hall called "Garbhagriha.

The Garbhagriha is split into three main arches with a sandstone idol of Goddess Ambabai, Lord Ganpati, Lord Mahadev, Lord Vishnu and Goddess Parvati. In the main chamber, one can see the huge idol of Goddess Amba with Lakshmi and Narayan. The Western wall of Garbhagriha has idols and engravings of various gods and goddesses.

Ambadevi temple is a sight to behold during the Navratri festival as it remains decorated with beautiful lights. It is said that worshiping goddess Amba before marriage or any other occasion in the family is considered as auspicious.

Ambadevi Temple Amravati


Dastur Nagar Rd, New Colony, Dastur Nagar, Amravati, Maharashtra 444605

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