Best Time to Visit Amravati

Amravati, situated at an altitude of 348 mts, is predominantly warm throughout the year and hence it is best that you plan your visit to the city keeping in mind the kind of climate you will be experiencing when you visit it.


The winter season in Amravati starts from November and is the best time of the year to visit the city. Winters in this region last from November to February and during this time the temperatures ranges around a comfortable 20 to 32 degree centigrade. This is the peak season for tourists to visit the city.


Summers in Amravati last from March to June, and at this time of the year temperatures may range from 31 to 47 degree centigrade.


The advent of monsoons sometime around July gives respite from the sweltering heat and lasts till about October. The heaviest rains are experienced during July and August.

Best Time to Visit Amravati

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