Paragliding in Maharashtra

Paragliding is an exhilarating sport for hardcore adventure junkies who have a will to fly. One among the most nerve-wrecking adventure sports, it is meant for the brave and the daunting. Maharashtra, being one of the most picturesque travel destinations, here paragliding is counted as the adventure activities to do.

There are several locations for paragliding in Maharashtra like Talegaon Dabhad, Virar, Brahmanwadi, Saputara and Nashik, which offer ideal setting. Kamshet is one among the most popular destinations for paragliding that is often visited by adventure freaks to take pleasure in this outdoor adventure sport. Also known as the home for paragliding in Maharahtra, Kamshet offers world-class paragliding facilities round the year. A good number of adventure enthusiasts, indulge in this exhilarating adventure sport, at Kamshet. An ultimate scenic location, away from the hustle and bustle, it is surrounded by serene hills and lakes. It offers a perfect elevation, a pleasant weather and steady wind. It’s the best place to enjoy this sport, especially in the summer season.

Imagine yourself standing on top of a hill in Kamshet, running a distance and then suddenly after a while flying free. Paragliding here offers a feel of a bird as one gets to witness indefinable beauty underneath one’s feet. The wind slowly takes paragliders past panoramic views of placid lakes, lush green rolling hills, thick forests and diminutive settlements. The bird’s eye views of the enchanting valleys and meandering roads are some of the rare sights, worth witnessing.

Paragliding in Maharashtra truly offers an experience of a lifetime.

Paragliding in Maharashtra

With the increase popularity of this thrilling adventure activity, it has become a significant part of the state’s tourism. Blissful flying at sunset, with a pilot friend for company, is something not to be missed. Also, the eager flyers must attend the paragliding festival, held at Kamshet, hosted by Paragliding Association of India, which indeed is a great event to attend.

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