Scuba Diving in Maharashtra

Maharashtra is a paradise for scuba divers that offers a golden chance to enjoy a very enthralling water sport. One of the most exotic adventure sports, scuba diving tops the things to do list in the state, where all one needs for it, is a little bit of briefing, and the right gears.

In Maharashtra, you can scuba dive at picturesque locations that are also adorned with archaic forts, warbling waterfalls, virgin beaches and lush green mountains. Places like Tsunami Island in Malvan, Tarkarli, Vengurla, Konkan coast and Dandeshwar serve ideal destinations in Maharashtra for avid scuba divers, who love to discover the underwater kingdom that comprises of mollusks (marine invertebrates), crustaceans (crabs, lobsters, barnacles and shrimps), annelids (sea worms), coral reefs, rock spaces and various types of fish. The marine life found in the underwater of the state, is absolutely diverse.

Devbaug and Murud in Maharashtra also offer great opportunities for this amazing water sport. With the increase in number of water sports enthusiasts, scuba diving in these two destinations has also become a prominent part of their tourism. This under water activity is conducted by expert guides and instructors, keeping in mind the safety of avid scuba divers.

The best time to indulge in this engaging water sport is starting from the month of October and lasting till the month of March. At this time, the weather remains pleasant featuring ideal temperatures.

Scuba Diving in Maharashtra

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