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Thiruvizha Mahadevar Temple Kerala

Thiruvizha Mahadevar Temple is dedicated to a form of Lord Shiva known Kalakandha. The term ‘Kalakandha’ means ‘the one who swallowed the poison to save the world.’ Thiruvizha is a popular temple in Kerala and is known to be a place where people with mental problems and poison in their bodies can be healed.


The legend has it that once this place where the temple is now located was a part of dense forest where a group of hunters called Ulladaas used to catch tortoises for their living. Once, when a lady from the group was hunting tortoise, she witnessed blood coming out from the pond. When the other people from the hunting tribe peeked in, they saw a stone at the bottom of the pond, from which the blood was oozing. A sage then came and sprinkled sacred ash on the stone and immediately the blood stopped. He then asked the tribals to construct a temple here without removing the stone from the place. Even today, the same stone can be seen at the bottom of the pond.

It is also said, immediately after the temple was constructed here a mad man belonging to the Thalakkatt family of Nairs used to daily visit this temple. Then one day, a person for the Nair family was instructed in his dream to tie up the mad man near the temple and then a plan will appear here, a juice of which is to be mixed with cow’s milk and is to be given to the mad man so that he can be treated. The instructions were followed and the mad person was healed. Ever since people began to bring people here with mental illness to be cured.

Getting There

A number of cabs and auto rickshaws are available to reach this place.

Things to do & see in and around

Apart from paying homage to Lord Shiva in this temple. One can also visit nearby St. Andrew’s Basilica and the Marari Beach.

Best Time to Visit

The month of March and April when the Aarattu festival is held in the temple is the best time to pay a visit here.

  • Thiruvizha Mahadevar Temple Marari
  • Thiruvizha Mahadevar Temple, Marari
  • Thiruvizha Mahadevar Temple
  • Thiruvizha Mahadevar Temple, Kerala

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