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Arthunkal is a coastal town but it is widely known as the pilgrim center of Kerala. This place is famous for its 16th-century catholic church, a hamlet for the missionaries. As the fresh breeze touches your face from the Arabia Sea, you will feel overwhelmed by its calm ambience and detailed old St. Andrew's Basilica Church and beautiful beach.

Getting There

Arthunkal is accessible via rail and air, the Cherthala railway station is the nearest station about 8 kilometer from Arthunkal. The Cochin international airport is the nearest airport at the distance of 60 to 70 kilometer from the Arthunkal. From there on you can reach Arthunkal via local transportations.

Things to do & see in and around

Arthunkal is surrounded by beautiful and tranquil places and you can visit the 16th-century catholic church - St. Andrew's Basilica, Sacred heart church, Vishnu temple, Church parish hall etc. You can relax and rejuvenate in the Arthunkal Beach and surround your senses in the Arthunkal Garden Park.

Best Time to Visit

Best time to visit Arthunkal is between the months of December to February and the temperature ranges from 27°C-32°C

  • Arthunkal Marari, Kerala
  • Arthunkal, Marari
  • Arthunkal in Marari
  • Arthunkal, Kerala

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