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A part of the Alappuzha district, Aroor is a suburb of Kochi, which is primarily known for seafood-related industrial, shrines and bunch of historical, and cultural attractions. The city got its name from the phrase "Arayarude Oor", which means the place of fishermen. However, the name was later shortened to "Arayaroor" and subsequently to the present version. The town is primarily known for Aroor Puthuvaranad Temple, which features the idol of Kali, quite similar to the one in Dakshineswaram Kolkatha. Besides, Aroor Karthyayani Temple, Aroor Cheruvally Temple, and Aaltharra Ganapathi are some of the other must visit attractions. Apart from the temple, there are good number of churches to visit like St. Augustine's Church, St. Joseph's Chapel, St. Antony's Chapel, and St. Mary's Church.

Getting There

Aroor is the north most tip of the Alappuzha district and lies on the National Highway 47 NH 47 (India) next to Chandiroor. It is approximately 17 kilometers from Ernakulam, the commercial hub of Kerala. To reach Aroor, one can find buses from almost every district of Kerala.

Things to do & see in and around

Aroor is primarily known for its shrines. So when on a visit to Aroor, make a point to visit its shrines like Aroor Puthuvaranad Temple, Thuravoor Nrisimhaswami Temple, Holy Family Chapel, Kottilakkattu Kudumba Paradevatha Aroor, etc. Besides, there are some good number of historical sites, and cultural attractions that are a must visit in Aroor.

Best Time to Visit

Winter (October to February) would be the best time to plan a visit to Aroor as the weather remains mild and pleasant.

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