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Komalapuram Kerala

A small village in Alappuzha district, Komalapuram is a lesser known tourist destination. The name of the village is made of two words, Komalam and Puram, where Komalam is a word that is used for representing beauty of kids and women, Puram means area. The village is famous for its temples and coir industries. Most of the people rely on coir-related small scale industries for making their living.

Getting There

NH 47 and Alleppey-Vaikom State highway are access routes to Komalapuram. One can hire cabs or take a state bus to this village.

Things to do & see in and around

The major attractions of Komalapuram are Kaithathil Temple, Charamparambu Sree Mahadeva Temple and Mariyan Grotto of Aryad Church.

Best Time to Visit

Winter season is the best time to visit Komalapuram, when the weather is quite pleasant and the humidity level is almost zero.

  • Komalapuram Marai, Kerala

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