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Mararikulam Shiva Temple Kerala

Mararikulam Shiva Temple is said to an age old temple. This is believed to be the only temple in Kerala where Lord Shiva and his consort Goddess Parvati is seen sitting face to face. There are two deities of Shiva worshipped in this temple, namely Vadakkanappan and Thekkanappan. The temple is also popular as a place where the wishes get fulfilled. It is said that 700 years ago Villimanglam Swami built this beautiful temple.

Getting There

Autos and cabs are available to reach the temple.

Things to do & see in and around

Witness the beautiful architecture of this age old temple and if you are a devotee, you can ask Lord Shiva to grant your wish.

Best Time to Visit

The festivals of Navratri, Shivratri, Ashtami Rohini and Thiruvathira are considered appropriate to visit this temple.

  • Mararikulam Shiva Temple Marari
  • Mararikulam Shiva Temple, Kerala
  • Mararikulam Shiva Temple Marari, Kerala
  • Mararikulam Shiva Temple

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