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What's your idea of a perfect holiday? Sitting by an endless sandy beach under a hot sun with a book and a Margarita, or in the woods risking your life in the exotic wild? Whatever is your choice, Kerala is always ready to entertain its guests with abundant natural beauty and splendid historic buildings. Thangasseri town, situated just 5 km away from the main town of Kollam, is one of the major attractions in Kollam district of Kerala, enclosed by so many beautiful trees and startling landmarks. It is a scenic destination, with some of the best beaches and historical landmarks, adorned by thousands of local and foreign tourists.


Thangasseri, which means 'gold village' was once a British enclave, known as 'Dutch Quilon.' This place was the hub of a flourishing trade that used gold currency and was of great importance for the people of Kollam. It has the ruins of an old Portuguese fort and churches, built during the 18th century and a famed lighthouse, which stands 144 feet high. This lighthouse is one of the prime attractions of Thangasseri and was built in the year 1902. People from far across the countries visit this historic marvel, which is open to visitors throughout the year.


Thangasseri has some of the best churches, established in the 18th century. It also has the most ecstatic beaches, surrounded by palm trees and coconut groove, that attracts a large number of people every year. One can remain in the company of these serene beaches for hours and enjoy the ultimate beach activities like swimming, beach walk, sun bathing, etc. Thangasseri is a perfect place to spend holidays in Kerala in extreme comfort and leisure. Its relaxing and refreshing surroundings, exceptional spa therapies and stylish accommodation services, together makes for an unforgettable experience.

Thangasseri Beach, Thangasseri lighthouse, and Thangasseri Fort are the three important attractions that completes your trip to Kollam. The best time to visit this stunning destination is between August and March, when the weather is pleasant and temperature is few degrees below than normal.

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  • Thangassery Kerala
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