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Neendakara Port Kerala

The Neendakara is a famous fishing port, located 9 km north of Kollam district in Kerela. This major sea port is one of the biggest in the region, with the capacity to contain over 500 fishing boats at a time. The place is so beautiful that people from different parts of the state, country and even abroad come here for a divine holiday experience in the lap of mother nature. The Neendakara Port offers an excellent view of the surroundings, from where the visitors can even watch the delightful sight of Ashtamudi Lake, converging into the vast sea.


The place has many reasons to attract visitors and one such reason is the existence of Indo-Norwegian Fisheries Community Project, the headquarter of which is located at the Neendakara Port. This place is a hub of fishing and other marine activities of the region and the Indo-Norwegian Fisheries Community Project gives support to the fishing activities here. Some of the activities running under this project are setting up of a Fishermen Training Institute and establishment of a boat building yard at Sakthikulangara along with a refrigerator plant.

There is no perfect time to visit this picturesque destination and one can come here at any time of the year. As Kollam is well-connected through railway and airport, reaching Neendakara Port becomes quite easy for the travel junkies.

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