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Pathanapuram Kerala

Pathanapuram is a dazzling city, known for the plantation of spice and rubber, in the Kollam district of Kerala. It is set amidst the fascinating Western Ghats, in the eastern part of the Kollam District. Covering an area of 248.32 sq. kms., the Pathanapuram is only a few kilometers away from Punalur. It is an important trading center like Punalur and works on the bank of Kallada River. Some of the live-stock activities like dairying, poultry, goat rearing and industrial activities like brick making, bamboo weaving, etc. are common in Pathanapuram. These are the main source of income for many people living here.

The area of Pathanapuram is predominant with Spice and Rubber cultivations, attracting a lot of local and foreign tourists, who keep interest in this cultivation or other trading business. A lot of tourists also visit this place to witness the famous Chandanakkudam Mohotsava (festival), which takes place in February-March every year at a mosque. The festival alone attracts thousands of devotees, who feel connected to the place.

  • Pathanapuram Kollam
  • Pathanapuram Kollam, Kerala
  • Pathanapuram Kerala

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