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Punalur City Kerala

The Punalur is a small city in the Kollam District, in the banks of the Kallada River, known for its amazing natural surroundings and exquisite landscapes. People admire this place for its abundant flora, which consists Coconut trees, Banana Grooves, Palm trees, and more. The place has a famous paper industry with the name Punalur Paper Mills, established in the 1850. It is one of the first industry in Kerala, which has made Punalur an important trading and transportation center between Kollam and Sengottai (Tamil Nadu). Located amid the breathtaking Western Ghats, the Punalur city is also known as the "Lap of the Western Ghats," which attracts large number of tourists every year.


The Kallada River area of Punalur draws many tourists, who visit this scenic spot to experience the untouched beauty of Kerala. One should avoid visiting this interesting place in summer as Punalur is the hottest place in Kerala with 44C temperature, recorded during the summer. The best time to visit this area is between January and February, when the temperature is recorded as low as 16C, even on a cloudless day.

Punalur City is well-connected to Kollam through road and railway and it is further connected to Thiruvananthapuram, capital of Kerala, through International airport. So, reaching Punalur is not at all a problem for tourist, who are visiting India from abroad.

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